Friday, July 27, 2007

Tory Lane And Alexis Amore In Double Decker Sandwich 7

Last night, I'm browsing on some of Tory Lane's movies and this gallery caught again my attention. So, I would like to share this with you guys. Yes, maybe some of you have watched this movie before. But to those who didn't catch the action of this movie, you better start watching it now. The movie I am talking about of course is Double Decker Sandwich 7 which was released last 2005 and was directed by Quasarman. I have posted some of the details of this movie on my previous post but I chose to post some of Tory's hardcore scenes here.

Tory Lane's hot sex scene here with Alexis Amore is really my favorite part of this movie. Imagine two hot and gorgeous porn stars banging in front of your TV or monitors. Anyway, hope you guys would enjoy this gallery as much as i enjoyed it. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tory Lane And Kayla Paige Sex Pics

I was looking on some of Tory Lane's photo galleries last night when I saw Tory's gallery together with this hot porn star Kayla Paige. I believe they're really hot and sexy in this gallery that's why I didn't get a second thought to post it here for you guys to appreciate these lovely girls. It was a really good set. The lights, the background and everything is perfect for their hot girl to girl scene. Man, they're really hot!

Kayla Paige has been in the industry for quite some time now. She made a lot of adult movies that falls on the hardcore genre. Just like Tory Lane, she also accomplished her directing career for "TNT Babes 1" which was released in the year 2004.

So i guess i should let you enjoy this gallery for now. And I'm sure you guys would be turned on!


Monday, July 23, 2007

Tory Lane On What Gets You Off 3

I guess some of you guys watched Tory Lane on her hardcore movies. Well if you haven't seen her before, you better have to. I'm sure you won't regret seeing this hot porn star getting anal sex, blowjobs, gangbanged and a lot more hardcore sex you will surely enjoy! Few of her popular movies are Assploitations 7 (2006), Assploitations 8 (2007), Wetter The Better 2 (2005), Double Decker Sandwich 7 (2005) and many more.

What Gets You Off 3 was released last 2006 in the U.S.A. Starred by few of the hottest hardcore girls in the industry and was directed by Christopher Streams. The casts includes Tory Lane, Donna Doll, Sue Diamond, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete, Havana Ginger and many more. It fell under the hardcore category of course.

Here is some of the shots taken from the movie "What Gets You Off 3" for you guys to enjoy.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tory Lane: Vibrator Sex Pics

So what's your opinion or views about sex toys? Particularly on vibrators. Commonly called as the man's worst enemy! whooah! I guess that's really true. Sad to hear that sometimes most woman chooses to use a vibrator than to have sex with us. Why do you think some of them enjoys using that? Yeah we all know that vibrators are invented for the purpose of masturbation or let's say very helpful for disabled persons. Because it's the only way they can have sexual satisfaction due to their physical conditions. But hey, natural dicks are way more better than that! Nowadays, vibrators are not intended for that purpose. That's really a bad news for us guys. Maybe all we can do is to really satisfy our partners and prove to them that you can do better than those sexual devices! Yeah, natural sex is way better man!

Anyway, here is Tory Lane once again on her softcore gallery playing with her favorite vibrator.

Enjoy guys!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Tory Lane - Softcore Side Two

Foreplay is considered to be the most intense and essential part of sex. Most of men and women considers a lot of time on foreplay before the act of sexual intercourse. Because it is where our sexual arousal increases making us more extreme and hot for our partner. Foreplay usually starts on kissing, undressing and oral sex. It would depend on how you and your partner would want it best, whether in a slow and passionate way or let's say fast and spontaneous foreplay. You guys decide on what's best for your partner.

On my last entry, Tory Lane enjoys sucking and fingering her dildo. Well in this gallery, see her how she enjoys more fingering her tight ass for sexual pleasure. Enjoy and have a nice day guys! Cheers!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tory Lane's Softcore Side

So you guys have gathered a bit of information about Tory Lane's background. How she started as a porn star, her films, backgrounds and some of her past movies. Yeah, her movies always fall on the hardcore genre because that's where she's good at. But with her very beautiful face and gorgeous body, sure thing she's more teasing and hot on softcore shoots! Tory's softcore shots mostly involve fingering, masturbation, or with her favorite dildo or vibrator. For most girls, have you tried using dildos to pleasure yourself when you're alone? I'm talking about masturbation... Well i guess your answers would be "yes". It's because of a simple reason, no matter what your age, gender, in relationship or not, you cannot tell me you don't masturbate. Yeah, people do masturbate!

Anyway, before you masturbate tonight.. here is one of Tory Lane's softcore gallery that involves masturbation for your entertainment pleasure. Just make sure you don't mess your bed sheets...


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pornstar Tory Lane On Girl to Girl Scene

Tory Lane has been in adult industry for quite sometime now. And she's been known all over the world for her best hardcore sex scenes that mostly includes Anal sex, Double penetrations, threesome and many more. Some of her scene includes girl and boy sex scenes that makes the viewer really turned on. Most men would definitely ignite and get a hard-on when they see Tory Lane on these scenes.

Double Decker Sandwich 7 was launched last 2005 in the USA and Tory starred on this movie which fall on a hardcore category with some of the hottest girls in the industry. It was directed by Quasarman and was also starred by Sativa Rose, Mark Wood, Jesse Juice and many more.

So guys, any plans of doing a threesome tonight? Try to check Tory Lane's scenes first before you do that thing tonight. You will surely get hints on how to do it the hardcore way with her movies on her official website. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tory Lane On Anal Sex

Tory Lane's hardcore sex experience made her known as one of the hottest hardcore babe nowadays. Tory experienced many of these hardcore sex on most of her films such as Wetter The Better(2005), Goo 4 Two 2(2005), Illegal Ass (2006), and many more of her hardcore movies. Anal sex has been one of Tory Lanes field of expertise when it comes to hardcore sex. Most of the movies done by Tory Lane definitely includes anal sex. This hot porn star just love taking it on her ass. She loses herself every time she was banged right in there!

Some girls love doing anal sex and some just really don't. Some people says that anal sex has been one of the best sex discovery by humans. In other cultures, anal sex is done to preserve the female virginity. And some believes that it is the ultimate form of birth control. LOL! Anyway, it's up to you guys if you would like to take your sexual experience into another level. Here is a gallery of Tory Lane on one of her hardcore anal sex movies! Cheers!